Facilities | Avenues Veterinary Clinic Watford
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Your pet's health and well-being is our top priority

From our friendly Reception, through to our well-equipped facilities and state of the art medical equipment, we are able to diagnose and treat your pets’ conditions quickly and accurately.

We appreciate that is can be unsettling bringing your pet to see us, especially when they are ill.

However anxious you may feel, you can rest assured that the skilled Avenues team are there to guide you and your pet through the experience, helping them to recover.


Our Facilities

Click each tab and read about our state of the art facilities we are able to offer.

Consultation Room

For routine treatments such as vaccinations, discussions or an initial clinical examination of your pet, our consultation rooms provide a safe and private environment.

In here we can give you treatment recommendations and go through all options with you. We can also ensure that you are happy with the administration of medication for your pet, should this be required.

Preparation Room

In here, we can fully prepare your pet for their treatment before going into surgery, or for other forms of routine treatment.

It also provides a safe location to monitor the initial recovery period from anaesthesia after a procedure.

We also perform X Rays, Dentistry, Ultrasound Scans and Laboratory Testing in the preparation room.

Fully Equipped Operating Theatre

Our sterile theatre is equipped with modern monitoring equipment to ensure our patients are as safe as possible when undergoing both routine or emergency surgery.


Providing excellent quality images of your pet’s skeletal structure, our x-ray machine enables us to easily see such problems as fractures, arthritis or cruciate damage.


Using high frequency ultrasound we are able to see inside your pets body to diagnose problems without the need for invasive surgical procedures.


This useful piece of equipment allows us to image hard to reach places such as the nasal passages, throat or stomach, of our small patients by using a camera on a fibre optic tube.


We are able to offer Electrocardiography in house to monitor the electrical activity of your pets heart.

In House Diagnostic Laboratory

By performing a wide range of diagnostic tests in the in-house laboratory, we are able to obtain accurate results for a number of conditions.

However, an outside laboratory collects daily on weekdays, should more detailed investigations be required.

Hospitalised Patients

Many of our patients are treated on an outpatient basis however there will be those that require hospitalisation for treatment. When a patient requires treatment for more than 24 hours our vets will discuss with you to find the best option for your pet.

Often pets are able to continue treatment at home and where possible this is our first option. Sometimes pets may require to be in hospital overnight, although we do not have night staff, where a nurse will come and perform a night check to administer any treatments due.

Should your pet not be safe to stay overnight without closer monitoring we will recommend a transfer to a local emergency centre for 24 hour care.

Emergency Number

01923 894274

Out of hours

For any emergencies, please telephone the above usual clinic number for instructions and directions.

During surgery opening hours you will be seen by our duty vet and when the practice is closed instructions will direct you to a nearby emergency centre. The costs of treatment or surgery outside of normal opening times are likely to be higher than during normal clinic opening times.

Should you need to use an emergency centre, please contact our reception when we are next open to inform us of your visit.