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Your pet's health and well-being is our top priority

At Avenues Vets, we actively promote preventative healthcare, and offer a wide range of services to help keep pets healthy and happy.

From routine vaccinations to major surgery, you can feel confident that your pet’s health and well-being is our top priority.

If you have any concerns or just need help or information about looking after your pet, please talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Our Services

Click each tab and read about the services we offer.

Healthy Pets Discount Scheme

Our healthy pets discount scheme is perfect to help maintain the health of your pet.

When your pet has their puppy or kitten vaccines or annual health check and vaccine booster at our clinic, they will receive the following over a 12 month period.

Both products are applied easily on a monthly basis to the skin of the neck and can be purchased at any time throughout the twelve months after vaccination. By doing this, you can budget to suit your needs as there are no direct debits or advance payments.



20% discount

Simparica Trio for dogs, to protect them from fleas, most intestinal worms, lungworm and fox mange.


15% discount

Stronghold for cats, giving them protection from fleas, most intestinal worms and ear mites.


Vaccinations start as young as 8 weeks in puppies and 9 weeks in kittens. Vaccines are designed to protect pets from common and often fatal diseases that they come into contact with when they are out and about. Each vaccine appointment also includes a full health check to ensure your pet is in top condition each and every year and also gives you an opportunity to discuss any concerns that have arisen since your last visit.

Puppies and kittens are given a free flea and worming treatment to protect them against parasites when they are first exploring the world. The vet will also advise you on a regular flea and worming treatment protocol relevant to your new family member.

The new travel document required for travel to the EU requires an up to date rabies vaccine prior to travel so we would recommend discussing this with us as early as possible.

We also offer vaccinations for Rabbits for Myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic Viral disease starting at 6 weeks of age.

Cat Vaccinations

  • Kitten course including FLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and Health Check

  • Vaccination Booster including FLV


Dog Vaccinations

  • Puppy Course and Health Check

  • Vaccination Booster and Health Check


Routine Healthcare

Our knowledgeable and friendly team are on hand to offers advice, encouragement and actively promote preventative healthcare, for your pet to enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Maintaining their vaccinations, weight, providing effective flea, tick and worming treatments along with a good diet and regular dental care, all go towards keeping your pet healthy and happy.


Dental Care

Regular oral care is an essential part of your pet’s routine healthcare as a daily build-up of plaque on their teeth can result in bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. This can also lead to teeth loss and further complications.

As we offer regular dental checks, you can bring your pet to the practice and our nurses will be happy to discuss oral hygiene and even show you the most effective way to brush their teeth.

If a straightforward brush is not sufficient, our practice houses high-tech equipment to remove plaque, polish teeth and perform other dental treatments as required.



Regardless as to how careful you may be as an owner, your pet may sometimes get lost and we know just how upsetting this can be. One way to help your lost pet is to have them microchipped.

A unique ID code is injected under your pet’s skin, which contains your contact information. This information is then stored in a central database which is accessible 24hours a day. Dog wardens, veterinary practices and rescue centres can then use a special scanner to obtain the information stored to reunite you with your pet.


Pet Travel Abroad

At the beginning of 2021, pet passports issued in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) for travel to an EU country or Northern Ireland could no longer be used. However, if you are wanting to take your pet abroad with you, we can assist in preparing your pet for travel and helping you to obtain the necessary documentation.

For EU countries you will need to allow 21 days from rabies vaccination and microchipping before you are permitted to travel. You also now require an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) issued by an Official Veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to travel. The AHC is valid for 4 months and each GB to EU trip requires a new AHC.

Need to take your pet abroad?

If you would like further information on travelling with your pet abroad, please call us well in advance of committing to travel plans.

*A point to note, travel to non-EU countries often requires more than 21 day preparation time.

Further information can also be found on the .gov website.

Nurse Clinics

Giving guidance on worming, flea treatments, vaccinations and nutrition amongst other things, our experienced, trained veterinary nurses are able to offer advice for your pet’s well-being. During clinics offering puppy and kitten development checks, they are also able to give advice on neutering and socialisation.

As obesity can cause major harm to your pet, they are also trained to give advice to owners who may be concerned about heart disease, arthritis and diabetes which may develop as a result. So, if you are concerned that your pet may be carry a few extra pounds, it’s worth coming along to the Weight Clinic where they can be weighed regularly, and potentially discuss a personalised diet and exercise plan.

For older pets, we also offer a specialist clinic that takes care of their specific needs as they move into their twilight years.

Our clinic has achieved the British Small Animal Veterinary Association standard for practice and is an approved veterinary nurse training centre.



If you have no plans to breed your pet, there are many health and social advantages to consider neutering your dog, cat or rabbit. Please don’t hesitate to discuss the procedure with us and we can answer any questions you may have.

All our neutering operation prices include a post operation check and suture removal, pain relief, and buster collar. In many other veterinary clinics, these are charged as extras.

Dog Neutering

Depending on body weight

  • Female spaying

    £247 - £346
  • Male castration

    £179 - £261

Cat Neutering

  • Female spaying

  • Male castration


Prescriptions & Repeat Medications

Many of the medications prescribed by the practice require the authorisation of a veterinary surgeon. To ensure we have time to make the necessary checks we ask that you give us 24 hours notice before you collect your written or repeat prescriptions.

Whilst we hold a number of medications in stock there are those that we will require to order for an individual patient which will take 24 hours for delivery. In these cases we may need 48 hours notice prior to you collecting your medication but in cases where we do not hold medication in stock you will be informed when we need this additional time the first time the medication is prescribed.

In order to comply with prescribing laws our prescribing policy is that all patients need to checked at least every 6 months, although in complicated or serious cases this time may be shorter, so we can ensure treatment is effective and patient welfare is maintained.


Payment & Pet Insurance

Payment of our fees or for medication will be due at the time of treatment and whenever possible. we try to give a guide to these costs in advance.

Whilst we try to keep costs to a minimum, we recommend that clients have pet insurance to cover the cost of fees for accidents and serious illness.

We work hard to keep our fees realistic, but they are also genuine and reflect the level of care provided for each client.

We accept most methods of card payment including Visa, Mastercard and Switch.

Home Visits

For the times when bringing your pet to the clinic is not possible, we can offer a home visit service. However, this does mean that there may be certain restrictions on the treatment carried out at your home, due to the limited equipment available to hand.

Home visits also require more time than appointments at the practice and therefore extra client costs can be incurred.

If you require a home visit, we do request that you give us advanced notice to enable us to plan the appointment accordingly, but we would encourage you to attend the practice whenever possible to take advantage of the full range of facilities on site.


Emergency Number

01923 894274

Out of hours

For any emergencies, please telephone the above usual clinic number for instructions and directions.

During surgery opening hours you will be seen by our duty vet and when the practice is closed instructions will direct you to a nearby emergency centre. The costs of treatment or surgery outside of normal opening times are likely to be higher than during normal clinic opening times.

Should you need to use an emergency centre, please contact our reception when we are next open to inform us of your visit.