Register Your Pet | Avenues Veterinary Clinic Watford
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Register Your Pet

Your pet's health and well-being is our top priority

More than one pet?

If you have more than one pet please submit a new form for each, including your name and email.

Pet Registration Form

You never know when, why or what time you may need to visit us with your pet.

Complete our online registration form with your details. If necessary we can request their medical history from your previous vet.

    Your Details

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    Animal Details





    Emergency Number

    01923 894274

    Out of hours

    For any emergencies, please telephone the above usual clinic number for instructions and directions.

    During surgery opening hours you will be seen by our duty vet and when the practice is closed instructions will direct you to a nearby emergency centre. The costs of treatment or surgery outside of normal opening times are likely to be higher than during normal clinic opening times.

    Should you need to use an emergency centre, please contact our reception when we are next open to inform us of your visit.